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NEON – Crimes Of Passion Redux
format: CD
cat #: SPITTLE28CD
barcode: 8033706210284

Track listing – 1. Destination : unknown 2. Christ in Spotlight 3. Sick 4 Do It Now 5.Dance Me 6. Luvenia 7. Paranoid 8. I’m On My Way 9. Sacrifice 10 Ride On 11.Fire 12. The Ghost Dance 13 Tears From Heaven 14 I’m On My Way (remix)

The project Crimes Of Passion was built around three mini-albums, released on the second half of the Eighties. Finally this body of work has been repackaged in a single CD with bonus tracks – alternate dance versions of classics such as “I Am On My Way” and “Fire” – showing how much the band was crossing paths with both rock’n’roll tradition and EBM. Includes an amazing cover version of Black Sabbath’s “Paranoid”.

LE MASQUE – Spunti Per Commedianti
format: CD
cat #: SPITTLE27CD
barcode: 8033706210277

Track listing – 1. The Happy Flock 2.Macris 3.The Method 4.Empty Room 5.Mother And Son 6.Cheat Of Flesh 7.Ruins 8.The Crying 9.The Happy Flock

A more than welcomed release for Le Masque, a very influential band in Northern Italy’s underground scene. Here you’ll find the first 12" The Happy Flock and the rare cassette Trouvailles Pour Comediens (Spunti Per Commedianti). These are the first steps of one of the most amazing wave bands of the late Eighties.

A.T.R.O.X. – Falls Of Time
format: 2CD
barcode: 8033706210260

Track listing – CD1:1 Carnival Foods 2 Cross The Meadows 3 The Night's Remains (Including Storm's Fragments And Spring) 4 Agreements With The New Day 5 Against The Odds 6 New York Race Track 7 Voices 8 New York Race Track / 20 9 Against The Odds 10 Carnival Foods 11 Agreements With The New Day 12 Cross The Meadows 13 Voices CD2: 1 Overture To The Tales 2 Overflow Me 3 From The Highest Rock 4 The Warm Current 5 In The Playtime 6 Frosting Of Cloudless Nights 7 At The Surface 8 The Journey 9 Time Is Like A Whale 10 To The Nile's Delta 11 And Already You Would Picture You Like Her 12 Falls Of Time13 Glaciation 14 Falls Of Time Part Two

Definitely ahead of their time, A.t.r.o.x. were one of the first bands to move beyond the new wave styles and introduce strong electronic elements. Not too far from works of contemporary groups such as Tuxedo Moon and Minimal Compact, Falls Of Time is their testament, a double CD with their two albums The Night’s Remains (1982) and Water Tales (Contempo 1983) plus the previously unreleased 12" Falls Of Time.

SKIANTOS “Kinotto”
format: LP
cat #: SPITTLE25LP
barcode: 8033706210253

Track listing – Side A: 1. Mi piaccion le sbarbine 2. Non ti sopporto più 3. Ti rullo di Cartoni 4. Kakkole 5. Sono un teppista 6. Non farò mai quello che vuoi Side B: 1. Gelati 2. Kinotto 3. Se mi ami amami 4. Freezer 5. Sono buono 6. Il Rock ti da lo shock 7. Tu sei bellissima

The third album by this combo from Bologna is the apotheosis of their histrionic verve. Directed in studio by Italian progressive rock luminary, Paolo Tofani, Kinotto was released in 1979, and as Freak Antoni himself declared, the album was closer to new wave than previous efforts and its best-known track, “Mi piaccion le sbarbine”, was soon on heavy rotation. With Kinotto came also the artistic consecration of the Skiantos, who went from being a cult band to one of the most energetic and histrionic in Italian rock. Invited to replace Italian rock superstar Vasco Rossi’s back-up band in 1990, and undoubtedly a source of inspiration for the evil doings of Italian “mock rock” band Elio e Le Storie Tese, with Kinotto the Skiantos wrote one of the most thrilling pages in Italian music.

SKIANTOS “Mono Tono”
format: LP yellow vinyl
cat #: SPITTLE24LP
barcode: 8033706210246

Track listing – Side A: 1. Eptadone 2. Panka Rock 3. Pesto duro (I Kunt get no SatisFucktion) 4. Diventa demente (la kultura poi ti cura) 5. Io me la meno 6. Bau Bau baby Side B: 1. Io sono uno Skianto 2. Io ti amo da matti (Sesso e karnazza) 3. Vortice 4. Massacrami pure 5. Largo all’avanguardia 6. Ehi, ehi, ma che piedi che c’hai

In 2010 Freak Antoni, the undisputed leader of the Skiantos, received the prestigious “Premio Tenco” award in honor of his incredible career as leader of one of the most emblematic groups in Italian rock. Often mislabeled “demented-rock”, the Skiantos were in reality an exception to the rule. This reissue of their second album is, therefore, a road to understanding to what degree rock music was putty in the hands of this band from Bologna, who away from cumbersome references to British and American rock chose to follow their own path to originality. Their youthful and unprejudiced energy together with the personality of great thinkers became an oft-debated manifesto, but one that is destined to maintain its importance in the years to come. The album’s cover art picturing an enormous dinosaur destroying a building is testimony to their ironic, but biting attack on institutions, which when translated into music paid homage both to Italy’s eccentric singer/songwriter tradition as well as the heretic dialectics of coeval punk. The album was originally released in 1978 on the Cramps label, but not a day seems to have passed since then…

WAX HEROES – Dal Principio All’Inizio
format: CD
cat #: SPITTLE23CD
barcode: 8033706210239

Track listing – 1.Dog's Day 2. Sorrow Remains 3. Dark Ways 4. Maimed 5 The Statue 6. Win By Losing 7.She Was She Was 8.Never Ending Fall 9.Once Again 10.Sher 11. End Of An Ordinary Fellow 12.The Refuge 13. More Or Less

One of the most sought after band of the Italian wave. From Treviso, Wax Heroes released a cult 7” for Electric Eye back in ’83 (“Sher”) and were also included in the genre-defining compilation Gathered. Alongside these tracks, all of their re-mastered demos finally came to see the light.

format: 2CD
cat #: FIRE502DCD
barcode: 8033706215029

Track listing – CD1: 1. Hot Summer Again 2. Falling Leaves And Autumn Thrills 3. I Was Born In A Jungle 4. If I Had Possession Over Judgement Day 5. Nobody Around You 6. The Sky Is Full Of Shadows 7.Miss Springtime Sunset 8. No-One’s Land 9. Say Green And Say Yellow 10. Indian Cannonball 11. Rooting Ground Hog 12. Stomp Around Huge Frog 13. And You Walked Away (complete version) 14. Under A Thunder Of Stars 15. Levitation/Don’t Fall Down CD2 (Lost & Live: unreleased recordings 1986-1988): 1. Long Evening Shadow (aka Long Shadow Of The Evening) 2. Hot Summer Again (original version) 3. Nobody Around You (early mix) 4. Falling Leaves And Autumn Thrills (early mix) 5. (On The Road To) Sunshine Poppy Fields 6. No-One’s Land (original version) 8. Opel 9. Big As The Sun 10. Baby Blue 11. No-One’s Land (live) 12. Miss Springtime Sunset (live) 13. Up In The Scarlet (live) 14. Falling Leaves And Autumn Thrills (live)

Finally back in print, No One’s Land has been one of the most regarded albums of the new psychedelic movement. The Italian band based in Pisa and led by guitarist Maurizio Curadi (previously in underground stalwarts such as Useless Boys e Birdmen Of Alkatraz) played a wonderful blend of blues and rock and roll, country and acid rock, miming influences both from Texas and California.

cat #: SPITTLE22BK
barcode: 9788888006031

Un volume esaustivo redatto a quattro mani da Paolo Dovico e Luigi Riganti, praticamente un abbecedario della musica indipendente italiana degli ultimi 30 anni (e passa) attraverso una ricostruzione puntuale. Il libro, supportato da note dettagliate e dalle immagini relative ai 45 e 33 giri d’epoca, è un manifesto attendibile, punto di raccordo tecnico per le molteplici esperienze tenute a battesimo dagli scantinati nostrani, spesso lontani dalle luci della ribalta. Dal post-punk al rock sperimentale, dal rock’n’roll alla new wave, dal primigenio hardcore al beat, in questa carrellata visiva - ampliamente commentata da due veri appassionati - possiamo cogliere le misure di un fenomeno così articolato come quello del nuovo rock italiano. Oggetto di disamina sono rigorosamente le pubblicazioni vinilitiche, naturalmente venerate per i propri contenuti, ma anche per la spesso difficile reperibilità. L’adeguato supporto tecnico che indica le date ufficiali di immissione sul mercato, con relative quotazioni, rende un ulteriore servizio ai numerosi estimatori e collezionisti distribuiti sul territorio. Parafrasando il vate Lester Bangs, Vinile Italiano si conforma come una guida ragionata al frastuono più atroce prodotto in Italia negli ultimi trent’anni. Le 448 pagine della voluminosa opera sono un sintomatico riflesso del desiderio di documentare una scena spesso ignorata dai media ufficiali, capace in realtà di gareggiare con i grossi calibri del vecchio continente per forme ed interesse storico. Un libro da conservare gelosamente e da trasmettere con rigore ai propri discendenti. Vinile Italiano sarà destinato alle librerie con un cd in omaggio del catalogo Spittle, mentre nella versione destinata ai negozi di dischi sarà presente un 10 pollici con brani inediti di otto gruppi italiani d’epoca. La scaletta prevede infatti i contributi di Art Fleury, La Pattona, Inside Out, Aus Decline, No Strange, Not Moving, Primeteens, Vegetable Men

V/A - Milano New Wave 1980-1983 redux
cat #: SPITTLE21LP
barcode: 8033706210215

Track listing – Side A: 1. A Gift Of Tears (Jeunesse D'Ivoire) 2. Silent Imagery (Jeunesse D'Ivoire) 3. Praise (Jeunesse D'Ivoire) 4. The Taste Of The Fables (Other Side) 5. Central (Other Side) 6. Contrition (Other Side) Side B: 1. Downtown (State Of Art) 2. Dantzig Station (State Of Art) 3. Scoop'N'Loop (State Of Art) 4. Mercedes (La Maison) 5. Igloo (La Maison) 6. Boris Karloff (La Maison/Kubrix/ 2+2=5 aka Entourage L'Asino)

Following an idea of Italian disco guru Fred Ventura to publish some recordings that have remained in the vaults for more than 25 years, and thanks to the skillful "mastering touch" of Giovanni Versari, we have finally realized what seemed like a dream: a representative and intense snapshot of the Milanese new wave scene of the early eighties, 12 tracks (vinyl redux issue: the CD version features 8 extra tracks) that recount the salient steps of the brief but intense career of four Milanese bands--- from the post-punk of Other Side, to the oblique funk of State Of Art, to the evident Kraftwerk influences of La Maison, to the electro pop-wave of Jeunesse d'Ivoire---four bands that illustrate the mood of an underground scene that burned out rapidly, mostly due to the indifference of the media and recording industry during those years. Limited edition.

2+2 = 5 “Into The Future”
format: CD mini gatefold
cat #: SPITTLE20CD
barcode: 8033706210208

Track listing – 1. Without Words (Intro) 2. Alternative two 2 3. K.S. And v. 4. Meeting Mc.L. 5. Slow 4 6. Jacho's Story 7. It's A Good Day Today 8. Last Sunset

Imagine a long autumn and a dusky fog in Milan, the year is 1981... Musicians/poets (or poets/musicians?) exploring the realm of words through music and a deeply passionate search for THE sound. Two men, two complementary souls: Nino La Loggia deeply into sonic experimentation, and Giacomo Spazio, juggling with words as if they were mere sounds, together with Cha Cha Hagiwara and her keyboards from Jeuness D'Ivoire for an incredible debut album (1983) evoking Kraftwerk, Daf and many other electro ambient ghosts in a total cult project that became a myth in the Italian new wave. 8-page booklet reproducing the original artwork.

ILLOGICO “Requisiti”
format: CD mini gatefold
cat #: SPITTLE19CD
barcode: 8033706210192

Track listing – 1. Mogadiscio 2. Pravda 3. Africani gemiti 4. 871Zx 5. Abilità motorie 6. Informazioni 7. 15ottanta3 8. Attacco Frontale 9. Arredo tattile 10. Avanti/Retro (live bonus track) 11. Indeciso (live bonus track) 12. Arto leso (live bonus track)

This 1984 cassette from seminal band Illogico is now released on CD for the first time with the addition of three extra tracks. The Roman ensemble was incredibly ahead of its time, throbbing through that neurotic funk-jazz vibe that was becoming so hip in the mid 1980s and that could and should have caused the combo to be much more successful. Another gem from Spittle's archives in a nice package with an 8-page booklet in English.

V/A - Crollo Nervoso DVD
format: DVD+CD
barcode: 8033706210185

Track listing – Part 1: “ONDE EMILIANE” • Part 2: “FIRENZE SOGNA” • Part 3:“ITALIA WIVA” “Tracce Magnetiche” Cd Tracklisting: 1. Frenetics - The Madman Talk 2. Vox Rei - Le Ombre Dei Soldati 3.The End - Tears In My Eyes 4. Les Blusons Noirs - The Scream 5. Illogico - Africani Gemiti 6. Blaue Reiter - My Inner Tought 7. Polaroid - Vita Immaginaria 8. Atelier Du Mal - Back To Taiwan 9.Sex - A Sickness Called Distress 10. Ship Of Fools – Metal Box 11. Ideal Standard – Another Loser 12. Nadja - Possession 13.The Age - U.E.R. 14. Dark Ride – Apocalypse 15. Mono - From Planets And Satellites 16. Tv Dance - Schneller Leben

Searching for new languages beyond the bitter and nihilist dialect of punk, bands like Gaz Nevada, Litfiba, CCCP,Diaframma, Neon, and many others, began spreading their message all along the Italian peninsula during the early eighties and many of the members of these bands are now some of the best musicians/producers in the Italian independent music panorama (Giovanni Lindo Ferretti, Piero Pelù/Litfiba, Bisca, etc.). This DVD documentary is a journey into the most creative and anti-conformist side of the 1980s, a voyage centered on music, but that encounters along the way theatre companies, artists, graphic artists and fashion designers, a multi-colored trend that, from the largest metropolises to the smallest provincial towns, contributed to that apparently vacuous and superficial decade. It is the tale of the Italian New Wave that we here at Spittle Records have tried to piece together through rare video clips, concert footage, photos, over 40 interviews of musicians, journalists and producers of the era, along with the Tracce Magnetiche CD compilation, curated by the well-known Italian music journalist, Federico Guglielmi. 16 tracks by 16 Italian underground bands from 1982-1984: bands who faded into oblivion before ever releasing anything of their own on vinyl. It should, however, be stated that if these sixteen bands had been found on an album, EP or single, they certainly would not have lowered the average quality of albums in that genre…not even in terms of sound quality, which has actually been improved upon here (considering that the original tapes had been lying around collecting dust for at least a quarter of a century) by careful restoration. Along with the DVD and CD, this package also contains a 20-page booklet with liner notes and an annotated track listing by Federico Guglielmi, plus photos and other memorabilia.

1987>1985 A Story Backwards

format: CD
cat #: SPITTLE17CD
barcode: 8033706210178

Track listing – 1. That Is The Way 2. Everyplace, Everyhour 3. Cry This Town 4. No More Tears 5. Indoor Life 6. Return Journey 7. Dawn Is Death 8. Take The Gun 9. Fiction 10. The Moon Tells Me Nothing 11. Destroyed

Art Boulevard, born in 1985 in Bergamo (northern Italy), immediately stood out from the pack for their aesthetic and existential attraction to post-punk combined with a musical vision that was straight out of the late sixties: “rock as art” and not merely as an urgent expression of adolescent rebellion.
This CD is a complete retrospective of all their songs, including their “The Favorite Toy” EP (which got rave reviews at the time, but like the great majority of Italian releases, disappeared into obscurity), their two cassettes and their songs from the “Arezzo Wave” and “Pluto” compilations. In the 1990s Art Boulevard, now a trio with a drum machine and the name “Orange Party”, changed sound and identity…but that’s another story.

“Not Moving”

format: CD
cat #: FIRE501CD
barcode: 8033706215012

Track listing: 1. The Crawling* 2. Eternal Door* 3. Goin’ Down* 4. I Just Wanna Make Love To You* 5. Sinnermen* 6. Sinnermen° 7. Catman° 8. I Know Your Feelings° 9. Lost Bay° 10. My Lovely Loved° 11. Pray For Your God° 12. You Really Got Me Babe° 13. A Wonderful Night To Die° 14. Land Of Nothing° 15. A Life Long° 16. Suicide Temple° 17. Mr. Nothin’° 18. Ice Eyes Baby° 19. In The Batland° 20. Cocksucker Blues° 21. Lights Of Nights** 22. Mistery Fog** 23. So Far From Heaven** 24. Kissin’ Cousins**
* Black

In 1985, after having released two 7”s for Electric Eye, Not Moving made their home at the brand-new Tuscan label, Spittle Records, for whom they soon recorded the 12” Black and Wild.
The sound was a personal and mature fusion of X and Gun Club (Goin’ Down), goth/blues (Eternal Door), Stones-style blues (“I Just Wanna Make Love To You”) and neo garage (Crawling).
The following year their first LP, Sinnerman, was released, also on Spittle.
The 15 tracks on the album retraced the roads that that led to the creation of the band’s unique sound: rock ‘n’roll, blues, beat, punk, psych, and punkabilly and the album (despite its being released with an unauthorized sound mix) was critically acclaimed and well-liked by the public.
Now these two albums (with Sinnerman featuring the original authorized mix) are available together and for the first time ever on CD! The “mini-LP” artwork also features what should have been the original Sinnerman album sleeve and contains a 12-page booklet including a bio of the band.

Dancefloor Statements 1981-1982

format: CD
cat #: SPITTLE16CD
barcode: 8033706210161

Track listing: 1. At Night 2. Destiny 3. Downtown 4. A Place In The Sun 5. Dantzig Station 6. Venice 7. Summertime At Last 8. Show Me 9. Reasons 10. Downtown (‘82 Version) 11. Scoop ‘N’ Loop 12. Keep On Moving 13. Smile Again 14. Sleeping Together 15. Cocktail16. Stand Up Now

While in Manchester A Certain Ratio was exploring funk (perhaps to avoid being called the new Joy Division), and in London a percussive and horn-laden Spandau Ballet was going to no. 1 on the charts, in Milan State Of Art attempted a personal fusion that united the pop sensibility of Abc and Spandau Ballet with the tribal metropolitan sounds of Liquid Liquid and the Talking Heads, the energy of Funkapolitan and Pig Bag, and the new wave angularness of Manicured Noise and the Pop Group. This retrospective CD, featuring all of the band’s studio recordings and some live performances as well, proves their place as attentive and meticulous interpreters of an epoch where mutations were constant and fast.

NEON - Rituals (Expanded Edition)
format: CD
cat #: SPITTLE15CD
barcode: 8033706210154

Track listing: 1. Runnin’ 2. Last Chance 3. Isolation 4. The Same Ritual 5. Dark Age 6. Harry 7. Burning Of The Midnight Lamp 8. My Blues Is You 9. Last Chance (12” version) 10. Dark Age (12” version) 11. My Blues Is You (12” version)

Neon is undoubtedly one of the most influential and enduring bands of the Italian New Wave. From the beginning, the band’s music was perfectly aligned with continental trends—integrating the attitude of early post-punk with certain types of electronic music that had timidly begun popping up on the club circuit, and an aesthetic that was a cross between late romanticism and decadentism. Inimitable bands like Neon breathed new life into even the most disagreeable and angular rock ‘n’ roll, flirting with war-like dance music, and creating musical scenarios that were unheard of up until that point, placing them in harmony with some of the most talked-about British and German bands of the time. After a string of 12”s (five altogether) and a 7”, the band finally released their first LP, Rituals (originally released in 1985 for the KinderGarten label and distributed by the major label, Polygram).
This crucial album, which unquestionably represented the band’s creative peak, has now been re-released by Spittle not merely for the sake of the album itself, but also as part of a wider campaign to document the Italian New Wave scene.
The eight tracks that make up this digitally remastered reissue—with three extra versions of Dark Age, Last Chance, and My Blues Is You—represent one of the most original possible journeys into the Italian underground. Obsessively rhythmic, like a pagan ritual, with the vagueness and asperity of primordial rock and roll and an inkling of late seventies / early eighties electronica; a cultured dance, officiously contaminated by the sound of guitars that lead us on our journey—if for no other reason than the act of faith performed for guru Jimi Hendrix in their cover of Burning Of The Midnight Lamp.
This ‘return to the scene of the crime’ is essential in the rediscovery of one of the most sober and adventurous breeds of Italian rock.

Milano New Wave 1980-83
format: CD
cat #: SPITTLE14CD
barcode: 8033706210147

Track listing:Other Side 1. The Taste Of The Fables 2. Central 3. Praise 4. December, Fragment 5. Contrition - State Of Art 6. Downtown 7. Dantzig Station 8. Venice 9. At Night 10. Show Me - La Maison 11. Igloo 12. Critical Situation 13. Mercedes 14. Jet Two 15. Narciso - Jeunesse d’Ivoire 16. A Gift Of Tears 17. Silent Imagery 18. Scenery 19. Praise 20. Moon

Following an idea of Italian disco guru Fred Ventura to publish some recordings that have remained in the vaults for more than 25 years, and thanks to the skilful “mastering touch” of Giovanni Versari, we have fi nally realized what seemed like a dream: a representative and intense snapshot of the Milanese new wave scene of the early eighties, 20 tracks that recount the salient steps of the brief but intense career of four Milanese bands — from the post-punk of Other Side, to the oblique funk of State Of Art, to the evident Kraftwerk infl uences of La Maison, to the electro pop-wave of Jeunesse d’Ivoire — four bands that illustrate the mood of an underground scene that burned out rapidly, mostly due to the indifference of the media and recording industry during those years.

DARK TALES - Living Out
format: CD
cat #: SPITTLE13CD
barcode: 8033706210130

Track listing:1. 1984 2. Twilight 3. Sound Of The Past 4. Part Of The Show 5. Living Out 6. Mad Being

Pavia, Northern Italy, 1981. — From the ashes of Doctor Mabuse, protagonists of incendiary concerts of which no trace remains, came Dark Tales. Authors of three demotapes, they also appeared on numerous compilations of the period, including the now beyond rare “First Relation.” Distorted vocals, futuristic sounding keyboards and clean sounding guitars. All inserted in a new wave atmosphere made less sinister by a tight rhythm section always at the forefront, but never obsessive. Then in 1985, the end, due to exhaustion, lack of funding, and stupidity of those who were there, but refused to understand.

BOOHOOS - here comes the hoo (1986-87)
format: CD/LP LTD ED
cat #: FIRE500CD
barcode: 8033706215005

Track listing:1. Bloody Mary (unreleased) 2. Nancy’s Throat 3. Ghostdriver 4. Downtown Train 5. My H.E.L. 6. Oh You Mandrax 7. Meet Us (in St.Louis-Louie) 8. The Hoo 9. When I Come Home 10. T.V. Krooger 11. Maybe Baby 12. Getaway 13. Freedom 14. Search And Destroy 15. T.V. Krooger (demo) 16. Meet Us (in St.Louis-Louie) (demo) 17. Freedom (demo) 18. Bloody Mary (demo)
Around the middle of the controversial 1980s, in the so-called Belpaese of Italy there were still many who doubted that rock music could really come from the guitar strings of our own musicians. Despite strong evidence, especially in the punk / new wave scenes, the first thing that anyone looked at was your genetic and cultural predisposition to live genuinely and intensely, and not your ability, or lack of ability, to play that dirty, aggressive and grating R&R that had its roots in the Detroit of MC5 and the Stooges, with a nod to the Big Apple of the New York Dolls, the Heartbreakers and the Dead Boys, while also dipping into British glam rock. When the Boohoos made their first demo tape, “Bloody Mary”, in the summer of 1986, many sceptics raised whiteflags of surrender. Someone wrote, “The cursed rock is at home even in Pesaro.”
And today, twenty years later, Spit/Fire (a sub-label of Spittle), has finally compiled all this in an unbelievable CD, which includes their first demo, first mini-LP and first LP.
LIMBO - Early Works (1984-87)
format: DCD
barcode: 8033706210093

Track listing: CD01 STUDIO RECORDINGS 1985-1987 IN LIMBO (miniLP - SPITTLE - 1985-1986) 1. IN LIMBO 2. I HATE YOU 3. UNTITLED 1 4. POISONED KISSES 5. SENSE OF SIN 6. UNTITLED 2 SPITTLE COMPILATION 1987 (LP compilation - SPITTLE - 1986-1987) 7. SPIRITUAL NIGHT FLY LOST TRACKS (previously unreleased - courtesy of SPITTLE - 1986-1987) 8. FOLLOW ME 9. NO MERCY 10. THE STRANGER 11. SEX EXCESS (featuring THELEMA) 12. UNTITLED 3 - CD02 HOME RECORDINGS 1984 LIMBO (demotape - 1984) 1. NO MERCY 2. HERE COMES THE HELL 3. DEATH SONG 4. THE STRANGER 5. SENSE OF SIN 6. FLESH DOLLS STILL LIFE (tape compilation - KOMAKINO - 1984-1985) 7. POISONED KISSES (demo) BONUS TRACK (unreleased - 1984) 8. NO MERCY (instrumental demo)
LIMBO was an influential eclectic music project created in February 1984 by the Tuscan artist Gianluca Becuzzi (aka G. Luca B.) – still one of the most important personalities on the Italian electronic / electro-acoustic and experimental scenes. Since 1984 LIMBO has released twelve LPs, plus two mini albums, one boxset, and one tape. They have also appeared on various compilations and performed live many times in Italy, Germany, Switzerland and Austria. In September 2005 the re-born Spittle Records (the Tuscan label which originally released the debut mini-LP “IN LIMBO” back in 1986) asked the disbanded LIMBO if it could release all the band’s early material, including its first demo-tape, its first mini-LP and a small collection of tracks that have resurfaced from within the label’s vaults. Spittle’s inquiry has resulted in this “Early Works 1984-1987”, a double-CD including a digitally re-mastered and polished version of the whole musical production of LIMBO in its early years.
NEON - Oscillator
format: CD digipack
cat #: SPITTLE12
barcode: 8013252031229

Track listing:1. Neon - 1002 2. Neon - 1039 3. Neon - 0610 4. Neon - 0712 5. Neon - 0554 6. Neon - 0650 7. Neon - 0832
Another hot date with the history of Italian new wave: Neon, in the Year of Our Lord 1979, with Marcello Michelotti on vocals, accompanied by Stefano Fuochi. At the mixer: Maurizio Fasolo and Massimo Michelotti, soon to be known as Pankow. Halfway between hard goth and elegant neo-Futurism, with the determination needed to metabolize and mould into something new, the influences of Kraftwerk, Harmonia, Throbbing Gristle and Cabaret Voltaire. Oscillator is the missing link between Neon and all that came before. This is the radioactive embryo of a creature called Neon. Before their debut single. Before their consecration on the covers of Italian music magazines. Before their journey into gothic electro-rock. Before becoming legends. An experiment that at the time may have seemed like just a rough outline, but that now sounds like a taste of the micro-electronic future to come. Almost three decades all wound onto one simple cassette tape, a fetish item of the pre-digital era, but now that the future has arrived, we are obliged to press play.
format: CD digipack
cat #: SPITTLE11
barcode: 8033706210116

Track listing: 1. Mexico 2. Rennen 3. Tropical Nacht 4. Was Besonders 5. Warmes U-Bahn 6. Danke Mami 7. Bulldog 8. Dorian Gray 9. Otto Weininger 10. Linoleum 11. Sex Machine 12. Bleib Mit Mir

An anomaly of sorts, Rinf were truly a different kind of band. Stylish without even trying. An odd mix of English and German that, however, earned them the respect of the most sensitive fans and critics. What could have become of their anarchic funk? Rinf’s music, however, was basically pop, heavily researched pop, but pop nonetheless. Simple songwriting asphyxiated by the urgency of scratchy jazz, with robotic choruses. Like smashing your head against the wall until it bleeds, but without unbuttoning your coat or taking off your tie. Somewhere between innate nihilism and collected pose. In this reissue we find their first 1983 EP, a track originally featured on a 7” single inserted in the fanzine “FREE” and various previously unreleased tracks, real memorabilia of the era.

format: gatefold CD mini album style
cat #: SPITTLE10
barcode: 8013252031021

Track listing : 1. Impronte 2. Neogrigio 3. Siberia 4. Desiderio Del Nulla 5. Sdoppiamento 6. In Una Finestra Nera 7. Elena 8. Una Carezza In Un Pugno 9. L’altra Parte Di Me 10. Delorenzo 11. Oceano 12. Speranza 13. Ultimo Boulevard 14. Un Uomo, Non Un Ragazzo 15. Verde 16. Libra 17. Amsterdam 18. Un Giorno Balordo 19. Manca L’Acqua 20. Mio Fratello 21. Effe 22. Epoca Di Sogno

Back in print after almost 15 years and now completely remastered and available in “miniature LP” format, this collection of live and unreleased material by ‘existentialist Italian new wave’ group, Diaframma. Originally released in 1992, these 22 tracks document the “live” impact of the Florentine band during its first ten years of existence, from its earliest days with Nicola Vannini, and later Miro Sassolini, up until the first solo performances of Federico Fiumani.

format: CD/LP LTD ED.
barcode: 8013252030826

Track listing: 1.MODO – Eyes In The Mirror 2. MONUMENTS – Wonderful Woman 3. JEUNESSE D’IVOIRE – A Gift Of Tears 4. FRIGIDAIRE TANGO – Vanity Fair 5. KIRLIAN CAMERA – Dreamtime Comes 6. LITFIBA – Transea 7. DIAFRAMMA – Specchi D’Acqua 8. VOX REI – Fear 9. DIE FORM – Dopo Heidegger 10. RINF – Danke Mamy
Originally released in 1983 (Electric Eye) just as the “new Italian rock” movement was beginning to gain momentum, this compilation reflects the impact of a ‘post-Joy Division’ British new wave on the genre. Divided into two sections, the softer “blue section” and the more electric “red section”, this compilation presents some of the most eclectic groups of the period (DIE FORM, RINF), as well as more sophisticated bands like FRIGIDAIRE TANGO and JEUNESSE D’IVOIRE. It also marked the baptism of two bands (LITFIBA and DIAFRAMMA) that would become synonymous with ‘the future of Italian rock’ for the next ten years. Now digitally remastered and available for the first time on CD in “miniature LP” format, and featuring an 8-page booklet containing reviews from the period. Another collector’s item.
format: CD/LP LTD ED.
barcode: 8013252030727

Track listing: 1.VICTROLA –Into His Gloves 2.STATE OF ART – Venice 3. XRATED – Tokyo Alert 4. NOT MOVING – Baron Samedi 5. BLAUE REITER – A Correct Adulation Of Himself 6. DEATH SS - Terror 7. DIRTY ACTIONS – Bandana Boys 8. B-SIDES – Automation’s 9. STYLE SYNDROME – Waving In The Dark 10. WAX HEROES – Maimed 11. EAZY CON – Haiti Blues 12. PANKOW – We Are The Joy
Originally released in 1982 (Electric Eye), this historic artifact represents the very FIRST compilation of a movement known as “new Italian rock”. Now remastered and available for the first time on CD in“miniature LP” format and featuring a 16-page booklet containing a selection of reviews from the music press of the period. Groups include: VICTROLA, STATE OF ART, X RATED, NOT MOVING, BLAUE REITER, DEATH SS, DIRTY ACTIONS, B SIDES, STYLE SINDROME, WAX HEROES, EAZY CON and PANKOW.
Original artwork. Collector’s item.
V/A - Silence Over Florence 1982-1984
Format: 4CD printed clear plastic box
UPC: 8013252030628

Track Listing - CD1 - PANKOW: 1. Das Wodkalied 2. Rendez-Vous Dans Un Bois 3. Wait And Search 4. Zz Walhalla 5. Destiny 6. I’m Food For You 7. Voce 8. Satellite 9. Spinnen 10. Senza Titolo CD2 - POLYACTIVE: 1. Romy 2. Voci Dalla Non Realta’ 3. Dentro La Fine 4. Stranieri 5. Ironia 6. Won’t You Die For Love, Won’t You Die For Me? 7. G-Girls 8. Amok 9. Sisters 10.When You Go To Bed 11. Internal Combustion 12.Fire On Fire CD3 - KARNAK: 1. When The Doors Are Closed 2. Saqqara Lights 3. Northern Tempest 4. My Secret Pleasures 5. Swinging In The Deep 6. Drivin’ To Lubianka 7. Persepole’s Maze 8. Tutuguri - Le Rite Du Soleil Noire 9. Sailor Of The Lost World 10. Bring Me In To Your Room 11. Warm Times 12.Solar Winds CD4 - RINF: 1. Suzi Dead 2. Mexico III 3. Was Besonders 4. Hor Mall 5. Mexico II 6. Schlacht Speed 7. Schlacht Sam 8. Du Kleiner 9. Mexico I 10. Danke Mamy 11. Spass Muss Sein
In the beginning there was Tenax…rock club / discotheque / black hole of youth in search of an identity…and not just musically speaking. In this pagan temple of torn army pants and calcified hair gel the Florentine new wave scene had just begun to take shape, and this box set maps the humble beginnings of that near-great metropolitan epic. 4 bands. 4 CDs.
Collected in a clear plastic box with a 16-page booklet (in English) that tells the tragic tale of 4 pioneers of the Italian new wave: no-wavers Polyactive and Karnak, and electro punk visionaries Rinf and Pankow. Includes previously unreleased material, demo tapes, 7” and everything else of interest from those primal subterranean years. Do not miss this imperative historical document!
CHELSEA HOTEL - We’re All Gonna Die!!!
Format: CD
Cat. No.: SPITTLE5
UPC: 8013252030529

Track Listing
– 1. Bloody Life 2. Wild One 3. Mud 4. Heretic 5. Babble Girl (Unreleased Track) 6. Revenge 7. We’re All Gonna Die 8. A Certain Kind Of Killer 9. I’m Dead 10. Rattle 11. The Night - Live 1982: 12. Search And Destroy 13. The Prisoner 14. Fucked Up Baby 15. We’re All Gonna Die
Between ’81 and ’83 Italian punks, Chelsea Hotel (from the small northern Italian city of Piacenza), destroyed eardrums with a punk sound that was both fast and razor sharp, somewhere between California hardcore (à la early Circle Jerks), and a kind of wild aural flagellation created by some undomesticated kind of metal. They were fast, hard and concrete. And then there was legendary frontman, Black Demon, who according to popular legend, almost bled to death when, while wrapped with blasphemous intentions in the Italian flag, he cut himself with a razor on stage. He was Italy’s very own Darby Crash…and what does it matter if the cuts were only flesh wounds in the end... This CD reissue features 5 bonus tracks, including one previously unreleased studio track, and four live tracks (featuring a cover of the Stooges’ Search & Destroy and D.O.A.’s The Prisoner).
LEANAN SIDHE - Blue And Gold (And Yellow) a Collection 1986-1988
Format: CD
Cat. No.: SPITTLE4
UPC: 8013252030420

Track Listing – 1. Nine Miles From Heaven 2. Clowns Jugglers And The Scarlet Banner 3. Lime Trees Perfumed Summer 4. Last Day Into The Wood 5. Indian Feast Of Colours 6. Islands Of Nowhere 7. Breathing Stories Into A Dream 8. December Stars Remembrance 9. Old Sailor And His Travels 10. Forestland By His Mountains 11. A Better Way 12. Samain Night 13. Polaris (Unreleased Track) 14. The Music Of Erich Zann (Unreleased Track)
In the 1980s Florence was musically happening, as demonstrated by the recent flurry of reissues from that period. In those bygone days, where post-punk and the “new” psychedelic revival were common bedfellows, Leanan Sidhe was something of an enigma, almost a secret society, with very limited edition tapes and intimate concerts. Even after the albums arrived—two mini-LPs over the span of a little more than a year—the situation didn’t change much. Despite the (positive) attentions of the music press, the band remained frozen out of time and space. These Tuscan youth can perhaps also be described as a sort of unintentional template for Sigur Rós: a strange and fascinating spell, where New Wave and psychedelia encounter folk and experimentalization, in tracks that at times even boast a certain pop sensibility.
Format: CD
Cat. No.: SPITTLE3
UPC: 8013252030321

Track listing – 1. Stazione Suicida 2. U.C.D. La Chiesa 3. Sangue Nel Muro (Part 1) 4. Operation 5. Non Ho Amici Veri 6. U.S.A. (La Pistola) 7. Sangue Nel Muro (Part 2) 8. Ragazzi Odiateci 9. Vendetta (N.S.N.R.) 10. Macello Continuo
The early eighties. Italian hardcore. Small town punks shouting“we’re here and hardcore is our voice. Because we don’t know how to do anything else. Because it’s strong, fast, and ruinous. Because it’s a way to speak even to those who don’t want to listen. Perhaps the only means available in those years. In that Italy. Stazione Suicida was a name that, like many others, expressed boredom and demanded revenge with enough rage to make the walls bleed.
In Poggibonsi (Siena), just like in Rome or New York or London. Now ten tracks all screaming ‘NO’ to homologation, discipline, and the proverbial ‘system’ are all that’s left of that experience. Almost a quarter of a century has passed since then, and who knows if maybe after listening to it, some kid will suddenly discover just how pissed off he really is, just like those four young punks from Poggibonsi.
PUTRID FEVER - Do You Remember?
format: CD
cat #: SPITTLE2
barcode: 8013252030222

Track list:
Originally released as “PUTRID FEVER” Tape 1984: 1. Draw Of Fear 2. Motorhead 3. Reality 4. Anger 5. Song From War 6. Mix Blood 7. Goophy 8. Rats 9. Putrid Fever 10. Vietnam 83 Taken From “Goot From The Boot” Compilation LP (Spittle Records 1984): 11. Aikido 12. Never Again 13. Reggae People Taken From “Senza Tregua” Compilation Tape (Ribelli Uniti Records 1984): 14. Alkldo 15. Never Again Originally Released As “Putrid Fever” 7” EP (Belfagor Records 1985): 16. Life Is Pain 17. Period Of Slump 18. Showman 19. Can’t Hope In Dead 20. Rhythms Of Paranoia
In the early eighties, when tattoos were still considered taboo and the only squats in Italy were the “Virus” in Milan and the “Victor Charlie” in Pisa, four sinister individuals got together to form Putrid Fever. This Florentine group was to be a milestone in G.D.H.C. (Tuscan hard core) and founding member Fefo Forconi would go on to further glory as a member of the American band TOXIC REASONS. Track listing includes Putrid Fever’s 1984 demo tape & 1985 7” EP plus songs taken from the Goot From The Boot comp. A rare slice of mid eighties hard core made in Italy.
VARIOUS ARTISTS - Goot From The Boot
format: 2CD
cat #: SPITTLE1
barcode: 8013252030123

Track list: (CD 1) Cani: 1. Sabotaggio 2. Quando Sarai Grande 3. Guai A Voi! 4. Psicoguerra 5. Questa È La Tua Vita 6. Di Che Parli? 7. Ddt 8. I Tempi Son Cambiati Juggernaut: 9. Gun Gadin 10. Everything From Near 11. A Minute Of Hate Putrid Fever: 12. Aikido 13. Never Again 14. Reggae People (Big Noise) Grey Shadow: 15. In The Centre Of The Nite 16. Grey Shadow Noisenoisenoise: 17. It’s War 18. Moral Suicide (Cd 2) Mind: 1. My House On The Road Mono: 2. Vistablue 3. Beady Eyes 4. Kairolistrassejugend Aidons La Norvege: 5. I Cavalieri 6. Per Un Soldato 7. Il Massacro Di Parigi 8. Fuori Dal Cerchio Dive: 9. Il Mare 10. La Finestra Che Tu Non Hai Overload: 11. Blue Snake 12. My Desire 13. Crowd 14. Bloody Moon Man 15. Get Nervous 16. Twilight Time Funny Fashion: 17. Life Is A Game
New and enhanced version of “Goot From The Boot”, a rare and groundbreaking Italian vinyl compilation originally released in 1984 by the fledgling Florentine label Spittle records and featuring 7 of the best Italian underground bands of the period. About half of the bands on the comp were ‘strictly punk’ while the rest fell somewhere towards the ‘new wave / electronica’ end of the spectrum. Now, more than 20 years, later we’ve finally cracked open the vaults again to throw some new misfits into the mix (including the ultra-rare Cani 7”!) and give listeners a more complete view of Italy’s mid-eighties underground music scene. Don’t miss this essential piece of Italian music history!


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